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Some may have recently heard about the closure of the national organization, Babywearing International, Inc., which our group, Babywearing International of Portland is a local chapter of (Full statement here). We wanted to share information and update our community and members on how this will affect our group moving forward:

  • Our local volunteers are still extremely committed to providing free and accessible Babywearing education through local events and activities.
  • Our September 1st, meeting at the Central Public Library WILL be happening.
  • At this meeting, carrier checkout will be not be offered but our full library of carriers will be available to try on and learn with.
  • Carrier library checkout will be suspended indefinitely and BWI of Portland memberships will no longer be active as of 8/31.
  • At this meeting, we also plan to make portions of our carrier library available for sale at a discounted rate.

We want to give a special thanks to all of our past and active members. Along with providing access to our lending library, your membership fees were a donation to our chapter (which is a nonprofit organization) that allowed us to maintain a robust library and support our outreach efforts. Any remaining funds that our chapter has will be donated directly to another nonprofit organization that is providing access to babywearing education and support. We will share the name of the organization(s) once our board has finalized the recipients.

If you became a member of BWI of Portland in the last six months and wish to have your membership fee refunded, we will make that available to you less any funds we have remitted to our national organization. Refunds can be given via PayPal or as a credit in our carrier sale at the 9/1 meeting. If you do not wish to receive a refund, please know that your membership fee will be passed along to a worthy nonprofit.

Again, we want to reiterate that our local volunteers are looking forward to offering monthly free babywearing education. During this time of transition, we will share updates and news as often as possible. We hope you will join us in our upcoming evolved version of our babywearing group and library!

Thank you for all your support during this time of transition.

BWI of Portland